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Independence and Responsibility

Principal's Message

Welcome to The Woden School

The Woden School is a wonderful school. The staff and community strive constantly to make it the best school it can be. We are a high school and senior secondary school that aims to provide our students with an education of the highest quality. Our curriculum, programs and teaching are all designed with the philosophy that our students are members of a wider community and deserve the right to a relevant and appropriate high school experience. To achieve this we:

  • actively use up to date technologies
  • provide a range of learning options and experiences that are both academic and real life
  • individualise every student's learning program
  • focus on student strengths
  • work closely with parents and carers
  • use a wide variety of community services and programs
  • promote learning beyond the school

While all of our students have specific learning needs they are first and foremost teenagers who are dealing with a complex world. We see it as our role to prepare our students for this world. We promote independence an responsibility. We are particularly proud of our pastoral care program.  Our curriculum offerings are diverse and result in all our students having the opportunity of graduating with appropriate ACT Year 10 and Year 12 Certificates.

I am extremely proud to be the principal of this dynamic learning environment.

Warm regards

Ian Copland

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