Senior students enroll in courses of study approved by the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) Post-school options and supported pathways to the future are a priority and are planned with students, families, other agencies and Disability ACT.

All courses and units taught are modified to suit the skills and abilities of students enrolled at the school. Through studying BSSS approved courses and units students are eligible to receive either a modified Year 12 Certificate or a Secondary College record. Courses offered are: Work Education, Contemporary English, Life Leisure and Learning, Contemporary Mathematics and Food for Life. Units of study are generally taught over a semester according to BSSS requirements. Please refer to the BSSS website for more information.

Students select elective units of work from a range of ASDAN Towards Independence modules as well as Dance or Road Ready.

Participation in work experience, social placement and extended work placements are a strong focus and important preparation for transition from college to post-school life. We work collaboratively with service providers and parents and carers to support post-school planning.