AFFIRM Program

The AFFIRM Program is a flexible intensive response model that provides holistic support to children and young people with a disability and their families, to assist in developing skills and strategies to prevent family breakdown. The program works with a Strengths Based approach, with the assumption that individuals have the self knowledge and capacity to identify their own needs, strengths, goals and ways of achieving them.The AFFIRM Family Support Practioners help the family to work towards these goals. To be eligible for this program the child/young person must be aged 7-20 years, have high and complex needs, and their family is at risk of breakdown.

For more information please call the AFFIRM Family Support Practitioner on (02) 6287 2870.

Disability ACT

We work closely with Disability ACT to support young people and their families to coordinate services and programs for key transitions in their lives. The Disability ACT team can help with information and referral about:

  • support with day to day activities
  • equipment and assistive technology that can help with mobility, bathing, eating, sleeping and communicating
  • finding opportunities to link with other families and resources around disability
  • moving to key transition stages of children's lives – such as going to school, leaving school
  • support that is available for understanding a diagnosis of disability or developmental delay, childcare, preschool and school

If you have specific questions about services and supports contact the Disability Information Service on (02) 6207 1086 or email

The Disability Discrimination Act

DUO Services Australia Ltd

DUO currently provides services under the Commonwealth Aged Care Home and Community Care program (HACC), the ACT Government funded Home and Community Care (Younger Persons) program, and the Department of Veterans' Affairs Veterans' Home Care (VHC) and Home Front programs. DUO also provides brokered services by agreement with other community organisations and via private arrangements.

Phone: 02 6287 2870

House with No Steps

Staff at the Woden School work closely with the House with No Steps team to support students and their parents/carers to plan for life after leaving school. Students are supported to make a plan and receive support, training and experience before and after they leave school to prepare for new choices, challenges and responsibilities.

Life skills for school leavers

Life skills programs for students with disabilities take a personalised approach to support young people to succeed in life and relationships after leaving school. For example:

  • joining a gym, club or team.
  • volunteering and enjoying groups activities such as trivia nights and art classes.
  • money and time management, shopping, cooking, computer skills and using public transport.
  • self-esteem and communication skills.

Work experience or social placement

Team members tailor work or social placements to suit a range of interests and needs through venues and organisations in the local community. Throughout placements, they provide levels of support for a successful placement as long as required including:

  • Help with settling in
  • Occasional drop-in support
  • Full-time one-on-one support

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

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