Independent Travel Training

Travel training programs

Independent mobility is an important factor in assisting students to gain independence, access to the environment and develop a positive self-image.  Travel training is a curriculum priority for some students. We also encourage and support this training for students in all year groups as part of our commitment to life -long community inclusion and independence.

It is important that students have the opportunity to learn to use transport options that will be available to them when they leave school.  Individual independent travel planning and training arrangements will be negotiated directly with you. Please support us to encourage and embed this important independence activity.

The Woden School works in partnership with Kiers and the ACTION bus service to provide transport for students.


From the ACT Education and Training Directorate:

If students enrolled in special settings are unable to access public transport and parents/carers are not able to transport them, they may be entitled to free transport to and from school.

Transport for students with disabilities may be provided for students if one or more of the following applies:

  • are enrolled in a special school or learning support unit
  • have a disability affecting mobility requiring the use of a wheelchair, calipers, walking frame or similar
  • attend a primary unit for students who are hearing impaired or a support class language
  • are enrolled in the closest appropriate primary learning support centre.

Applications are assessed on an individual need basis.

In addition, there needs to be evidence of:

  • Parents/Carer inability to provide the transport
  • Student's inability to use public transport
  • Students must reside in the ACT

The Student Services Directorate:

  • administers the day to day operations of the service
  • processes travel variations
  • liaises with service providers, schools and parents
  • monitors the quality of the service delivery
  • manages the budgetary process including authorisation of payments to the service providers.

Transport for Students with Disabilities

It is a parent/carer responsibility to meet their child's daily transportation requirements to and from school. However, transport assistance may be required if a child cannot use public transport or be transported in their parent's vehicle due to their disability.

The Education Directorate manages the Special Needs Transport (SNT) Program to provide transport assistance for ACT public school students with a disability who are residents of the ACT and who meet the criteria above.

The SNT program may provide transport for students who meet the specific eligibility criteria outlined in the Transport and Eligibility Guidelines.

Students should have applied for the NDIS prior to applying for the SNT program.

An application for transport is made by completing the Special Needs Transport Application Form. If transport is approved, the special needs transport administrator will organise appropriate transport for the student to and from school. The special needs transport coordinator will advise parents/caregivers of the transport arrangements.

All students accessing special needs transport have their eligibility assessed at least annually. This process generally occurs between October and November each year to facilitate planning of bus routes for the following school year.

Further information is available from Special Needs Transport, phone: (02) 6205 9196.