School Board


Further enquiries phone The Woden School Front Office 02 6142 0200

The collaboration of parents and teachers has been a fundamental principle of the ACT school system since its inception.  This partnership has involved the sharing of power as well as responsibility for decisions.  It is based on a common concern of parents, teachers and students for the education of children and it recognises the close relationship between family and school as the two strongest influences on the development of children.

To implement this partnership the ACT Schools' Authority Ordinance, 1976 established in each school a Board responsible for the governance of the school.  The Board members are three elected parents, two elected teachers, two elected students and a member appointed by the Department and the School Principal.  The Board members elect the Chairperson.

The School Board usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month from 6pm.  This years schedule is:

Semester 1 2 April 7 May 4 June 2 July
Semester 2 6 August 3 September 5 November 3 December