The school has a number of partnerships with other schools in the ACT to provide mentoring opportunities in the school. These programs aim to support and build confidence and authentic opportunities for all participants. The program incorporates formal certification and possible future vocational pathways for participants including Australian School Based Apprenticeships.

Research has outlined many benefits of peer mediated interventions for young people with disabilities, and mentors. The Woden School recognises these benefits and creates opportunities for our students to interact with students from other local schools. This includes an ongoing relationship with our neighbouring school, Alfred Deakin High School (ADHS), involving programs across all year groups. In particular, Year 10 students from ADHS volunteer for a mentoring program at The Woden School. This involves regular visits to classrooms and other school activities such as carnivals and camps, and creates ongoing relationships between students. This program has expanded to include training and assessment for mentors and the opportunity to obtain a Statement of Attainment Certificate II in Community Services.

Other participants:

  • Marist College (Sports program)
  • Alfred Deakin High

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