Work Experience

We promote active participation in the community. Post-school options and supported pathways to the future are a priority.

Work Experience opportunities are creatively sourced and we are ALWAYS keen for offers from theCommunity or businesses to experience and share the benefits of supporting our work experience placements or possible longer term employment options.

Some benefits:

  • Our students are prompt, reliable and willing and can  make potential loyal employees
  • Some students have completed nationally accredited training qualifications
  • Flexible arrangement for  times and length of placements can be negotiated
  • Regular school contact and on the job student support available
  • Information and guidance about potential employment opportunities/incentives
  • Students can bring a friendly and appreciative attitude to your workplace and boost staff morale
  • Some students may excel at tasks that other employees may find repetitive
  • You can show that diversity in the workplace is a priority for you.
  • Boost staff engagement – research shows that employees who engage with high-needs students have greater engagement with their employers
  • Enhance your corporate profile and reputation
  • Support students in your local community
  • Invest in Australia’s future workforce
  • Address employability skills gap Please contact the school directly if you would like to offer your support.

Student Work Experience