College Transitions

Some students in year 10 are not eligible to remain at the Woden School for years 11 and 12. In addition, some students who are eligible to remain here may elect to move on to a college for years 11 and 12. Students can elect to attend any college in Canberra and a number of activities are organised by us to provide a highly supported transition program to college. These activities reflect the normal activities of high schools as they support their students to move on to the next exciting chapter of school life.

Transition activities usually involve Canberra College and Dickson College. Students have the opportunity to meet with some students and staff from Canberra College and Dickson College to find out about college life and college routines. Visits are arranged to the Canberra College and Dickson College to get a first-hand taste of daily college life.

Our school counsellor, Rob Walls can discuss eligibility, plan orientation visits and support you to consider your options. Further opportunities to support students in the decision-making about college placements can also be organised.

We really encourage students to participate and be part of this decision-making process. We strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to attend open nights at the colleges with your son or daughter.  Many of our students have moved very successfully to college settings.