Post-School Transitions

We work closely with students, families and other agencies to support student transitions to post-school life. The end of formal education brings opportunities and challenges for all young people and their families and carers.

Year 12 students graduate from the Woden School with a Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) modified year 12 Certificate or a Secondary College record.

Planning helps individuals and families prepare for what lies ahead and start actively shaping their future. The most positive outcomes for students with disabilities are enhanced when this sort of planning occurs well before the end of the young persons' last year in school. At the school we support this important process by scheduling intensive ILP planning meetings at the school.  Disability ACT and House with no Steps representatives attend and offer practical support and advice about services and activities. These meetings cover a range of important topics. For example:

  • Vocational Training options
  • Community , leisure and recreational options
  • Residential placement options
  • Transport and mobility options
  • Finance arrangements
  • Advocacy, legal issues and citizenship
  • Creating and updating resumes
  • Facilitating one-on-one interviews about post Year 12 aspirations and options school references
  • Year 12 portfolios documenting work experience placements and other relevant acheivements
  • Conducting educational activities that support students to develop a vision for the future and considering what it will that look like in 5 years
  • Supporting students to assess their strengths and skills and to identify what other skills and resources they need

Resources that may provide practical information on planning the transition to independent living, particularly for young people moving out of home for the first time, are: All in a Life's Design and Spread Your Wings.  Both of these books can be located through the Disability Services Commission's website